As laughter fades into loneliness again

My mended heart is still so delicate but I still thought that I could help to mend yours. I thought I could breathe enough for two. I thought your heart was delicate, I thought you could love me back. I know know a fragile heart that is capable of loving is better then the strong one that can never love anything but the blood it steals from others.

I feel sorry for the way I am now, I feel sorry for the way you always will be. You are not sorry for anything, you deserve the nightmare that I now live.

There are so many stray memories that I will never know the significance of but they come to life whenever I close my eyes. I just cant remove them, I wish I could freeze those moments. There would be no need for any more words, no need to make another sound. Time moves on those moments are gone for now but frozen forever in my mind.

The here and now will soon be gone but what has been and gone will never change. Searching for the lost chapters of my life with no one to guide me now.

Alone I can never find my feet but with you I was living on my knees. From the goodbyes we never exchanged to all the emotions that we faked, we managed to fool our hearts in letting go of love. Haunted by the ghosts of what will never be, my reflection is now the ghost of what will be.

Only the scars know the depths of my pain