Amy : A Heartbreak

What a derelict home she made for her heart. How could she live there anymore? How could she shake off her demons when they knew her so well?

Her life was always heading towards this; some say the stars take back their own after they burn out in life. The hypocrites they line the graveside; dead flowers for the dead girl. They all know their part in this heartbreak ending.

Her mind was littered with emotions that no one can ever see, her body was scarred with entry wounds from trying to see a way out. Her blackened eyes, they have closed for the last time but the voice will survive this world

She harboured every thought inside and turned it into hope for others at the cost to herself. She could not find what she was not meant to have she was lost in all that she found.

Why was she taken? Her father cries in sleep. Why was she taken a nation cries.


Wow that's haunting and

Wow that's haunting and beautifully written. Well done x