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Daily Death

Daily Death
It is easy to think that you have known the spectrum that exists of our human emotions. From the elation of those Christmas mornings when you received all that mattered to you in that moment in life right through to that cold and brutal realisation of death stalking life as it’s ever present companion.
We live and love; we grow older and find some way in life. Some of us however uncover new emotions that can feel like a daily death, where no light can exist in the darkness of each day. That once lightness of air inhaled now feels like an unbearable weight adding to your lead filled bones. The language of this disorder cannot be understood by those that claim they care and want to help. Down, you stay down whilst the world moves further away from you.
To look it up in a dictionary and to see a face of who is at risk, it would be a mirror that reflects back anyone. Anyone can fall to its seduction but not everyone will survive. They ask how it could happen to you with the smile that never falls. The smile that hides behind the mask is falling every day.
The faceless pills that will be all you need and you can be just the same as before. Oh I was depressed for a whole week before. Snap out of it what have you got to be depressed about.
Clichéd statements that fuels the misconceptions, misconceptions that need to change. When you ask how I feel please care about the response and don’t just say it because you want me to ask you. I know it’s hard that you have a new car and your Xbox time has been cut because of your wife. I am dying inside and my strength should be my own but I am compelled to help others so my strength becomes yours.
Help is such a small word but such a difficult concept .I would love to help to I don’t have the time; I care but not enough to really help you. Listening without saying a word can sometimes be the greatest help, when you vocalise your thoughts you go from having nothing to say to not being able to stop. You full the thread and it keeps unravelling the problem until it no longer exists as big and fearsome as before. With no one to talk to you take every thought you have and turn it into a prison that you create but cannot escape from.