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Feeling depressed, low, stressed or anxious?

Do you feel crap? Always feeling down, worried or irritable? Struggling to cope with your day to day life? Has it been ages since you really enjoyed yourself?  These may be signs that you have depression.
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About the community

Many people with depression feel alone.  Maybe it’s hard to find people who understand.  Join our community and speak to other people who are going through the same things that you are. You’re not alone!  
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Getting help

Most people recovery from depression with the right help and support. There are plenty of different options from self-help to getting support from your doctor.
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Feeling depressed?
About the community
Getting help


Join the community

You're not alone. Meet other people who feel like you do in our community.

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How do you feel?

Tired? Stressed? Low? Just how do you feel now? Take our test to check your mood and find out how to make it good.

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BBC 3's Series on mental health issues. If you've been watching any of them, what have you thought of them so far?: